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David, Nj-new jersey -. A Best Black Friday new film offers 12 heated recliners display, alcohol and pizza Hut formally presented Thursday at John. Cinemark Willowbrook Mall Willowbrook Boulevard on - that changed Sears Automotive Center- held a day before the start of a very important person function, with "intake shred" marriage with professionals and Cinemark Passaic State officials on Friday evening. Participants have included Mayor John Captain christopher Vergano, senior general manager of Willowbrook Mall Nancy Barbary, head of the House of business TriCounty Jamie Dykes, MarketingOrPromotions Cinemark V. P. Bryan Jeffries and Director of Marketing Jennifer Wood Cinemark. As the techniques of the holiday season, the Cinemark Willowbrook Shopping Center and XD theater will probably find you the most recent secretes, including "freezing 2," "Jumanji: The next step," "The Exorcist: growth Skywalker "and many more. "Our new supplies before a theater-of-the-collection, updating site leisure go for John area," said Tag Zoradi, Chief Executive Cinemark. "We were delighted to offer its customers an immersive video procedural knowledge of the best possible picture and appear technology, high quality services, which has been improved meals and refreshments promotions. " Each room has' premium Chair "Cinemark that are" lush, ergonomic desk warmed "which recliners come with room tables Munch and based basis. The theater of 44500 sq-base also building an XD auditorium, which has a screen wall structure walled structure, point out-of-the-art thin projector and custom multi-channel audio. In addition to the common concession stands treats such as snacks, soft drinks and soft, there will also Hut pizza, cookies Hershey and soft ice cream Edy, site-based Cinemark

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